Face Painting in NJ

Full Face, Cheek Art, Arm or Hand Painting, We have them all in our catalog. It is face painting for kids at it best! Our Face Painting catalog includes:

​*For Girls: All Princesses, Unicorn, Butterfly, Ladybug, Mermaid, Flower Fairy, Peacock, Rainbow, Snowflake , all types of Flowers, Crown, Batgirl, Spidergirl, Wondergirl, Petty Pirate, Headband and more.

​*For Boys:All Superheros (IronKid, BatKid, SpiderKid, TurtleKid etc) and Safari Animals (Lion, Tiger, Zebra, Giraffe etc) Clown, Dragon, Zombie, Monster and more.

​*For Adults:Google it and bring your own design. We will get it done.

​* We show our catalog to our kids, so they can choose whatever they want.
*Our water based paint removes easily with soap & water.
*Our fully insured artists use high quality, cosmetic grade face paintings and supplies,


Magical Teamwork Recommends:


Hire A Face Painter, Get %50 OFF!your BALLOON TWISTER!

* 1 Hour of Face Painting

* 1 Hour of Balloon Twisting (%50 off)

* Entertainers perform at the same time,

**Artists can accommodate 11-15 kids/adults in 1 hour, please contact us for discounted rates to extend our time.


This package includes 2 entertainers performing together. It is NOT one single person trying to juggle between two different things at the same time. Kids do not even notice that they are waiting to get their face painted while watching a balloon twisting show! Ultimately, no question that everyone will receive their face painting and balloons! Yes that is true: Magical Teamwork makes the Dream Work. 


Party Entertainment and Balloon Decor

Phone:  (551) 222-8181
Offices in Secaucus NJ- Edison NJ
Office hours: 9.00 AM- 9.00PM