Why celebrate birthdays and why are they so important?

Firstly, they come once a year, this notion alone makes them special. It shouldn’t be passed as just another day. Your child needs some spark, some reminder that they are important; and what better way than to host a party and turn their special day into a memorable celebration!

However, if you are thinking otherwise or choosing to cross out the birthday party, have a look at the reason why birthday parties are important for your kids:

1. It’s a great way to remind your kids that they are special

Birthday parties are great and an easy way to give your kid a confidence boost and to honor them. Plus, it comes with a moral lesson; teaching your kid to appreciate and honor other children’s goals. Celebrating their special day is a brilliant opportunity to remind them that their existence is special alone. Moreover, a birthday party is just celebrating their birth-day, no academic achievements or talent one, just being who they are is worth celebrating for.

2. Making memories

No matter how many years pass by, your kids and you are going to remember the time you all picked balloons, ate cake together, and had a great time sharing the experience with others. Plus, social media, family photo albums are going to remind your family and your child of the special day. Down the memory lane and reminiscing the past is going to be a soothing and bittersweet gift for all years to come! Additionally, from the party to planning a party will give you a chance to make fun memories with your child.

3. Socialization and making new bonds

Birthday parties offer tons of opportunities for your child to meet, create and enjoy new friendships. Socialization is so important for your kid, they need friends to be there for them and to experience sweet memories together. Plus, holding a conversation, displaying manners, interaction, and getting along with others, are all the practices a child needs to grow their EQ level. Moreover, parties are a perfect medium to show your child the value of friendship. Additionally, the children learn to clap for one another!

4. Display of interests

A great way to show up your child’s unique interests and talents, birthday parties are loaded with opportunities! Usually, a birthday party will have a theme revolving around your child’s interests, which could be cartoons, superheroes, barbies, singing, any other exciting favorites. Hence, what better way to get your kid all talking passionately about their comfort hobby than during their birthday party!

5. Teaches them to celebrate forever

A time will come when as a parent, you might be too old to throw a party, it’s universal, it’s okay. However, your child will remember the million other parties you threw for them and this will enable them to carry on the tradition and pass it on to their kids. Their birthday will remind them to walk down the memory lane and laugh and remember all the fun things they did with you. It’s going to be really sweet!

Therefore, celebrate birthdays with an exciting party. It doesn’t need to be extravagant or loaded with various themes or activities. It can be small-scale, memorable, and rewarding!

Magical Teamwork

Birthday parties during a Coronavirus Pandemic

With the arrival of the Coronavirus Pandemic, a lot of questions have arrived. What kind of party there needs to be? How to celebrate? Is it safe? How to make your child’s special day full of fun but with precautions? Just so many queries! Luckily, we are to curb your fears and provide solutions!

While our lives have significantly changed so have the art of celebrations. There needs a new blueprint and here it is.

Virtual Birthday Party:

Unluckily, if the situation is noncooperative and simply not allowing any gathering then you can follow the following steps:

  •       Choose an application, either Zoom or Google Meet, invite everyone you want to.
  •       Hire our professional magicians, entertainers, and decorators to light up your party room. The entertainers will keep your audience excited and entertained.
  •       Have a theme party! Ask everyone to dress up and use our services to customize your place according to the theme. A small and simple way to spice up the evening!
  •       Play games online!

Nothing is going to prevent anyone from having fun! And by following these tips you can literally turn a virtual party into a memorable one.

In-Person Birthday Party

If you are looking for an in-person party then our services are available to aid you in this event of yours. With State’s Safe Start plan, families are allowed to conduct small gatherings and outings with proper SOPs and masks. Big parties are off the list to a small-scale birthday party is your best option.

Small-Scale party

Keep your guest list small. Invite only those who you trust to follow the safety precautions and make sure to inform everyone a week before the actual event. You can even organize a zoom session to give friends and family who are quarantine to celebrate with you virtually.

Theme Party

Explore, ask your child’s interest and then book for a theme party accordingly. Be it unicorns, football, superheroes, princesses, or any other current obsession! The canvas is empty and ready for you to paint. 

Organize games

It’s best to hold an outdoor party. Plan it out in the garden, organize games like scavenger hunts, sports-related, or charades. Anything that keeps your guest both in-person and online entertained.

Hire an entertainer.

To liven up your party, entertainment is the key.  From magic to balloon twisting to the storyteller, there are plenty of ways to get the kids all laughing and delighted. Plus, hiring an entertainer is a great way to guarantee exciting fun and games!

Be strict on safety precautions.

It is very important to stick to enlisted guidelines! Follow safety precautions and encourage everyone to wear a mask, social distancing by setting up arrangements like tables and chairs apart, approximately six feet apart. Other precautions include putting hand sanitation stations near the entrance and tables. Keeping the guidelines in check will enable everyone to have tons of fun while staying protected.

Party favors.

By packing face masks and individual hand sanitizers that match the party theme, get all creative and encourage protection! Plus, it’s a brilliant opportunity to teach strong rules regarding SOPs and the pandemic.

No Buffets!

A new situation requires a safe and easy way to enjoy meals together. Avoid ordering or arranging any buffet-style meals and snacks. Instead, customize according to the theme and you can give out happy meals or homemade Lunchables. It’s a great time to support local businesses, hence, order food from there and pack them in individual servings. As for drinks and beverages,  purchase the drinkable and label them with each guest’s name.

But what about birthday cake? The very important point of the party! It’s easy: you can serve cupcakes or cookies instead. Or cut the cake in pieces and serve with the individual lunches. However, remember to have the birthday child blow out their candle away from the cake or any other things that others will eat.

Hence, with the simple ways and techniques, you can have a new normal kind of birthday party! Check out our website to see the guidelines, the services we provide, and the birthday party places near you! This pandemic might be ongoing and annoying, but you can enjoy and celebrate your little one’s special day most uniquely and memorably.