When the weather turns warm and breezy, flowers are blooming again, the temperature gets warmer, and we begin to feel cooped up inside our homes all day long- you have the perfect excuse to host a party in your home’s garden. Gather friends and family members to help you spread out a blanket or sleeping mat in the open air, (COVID-guidelines permitting) while sitting back with some snacks for an enjoyable time together.

There are many different types of garden parties that you can hold for your special days. The best way to get started is by thinking about how best to decorate your garden. You will want to choose from a number of ideas such as outdoor lighting, floral arrangements, or even wrought iron furniture! Once you have the basics in place, add some party entertainment and kids party items so that it’s ready for all of your guests!

Fresh summer days and warm evenings make your outdoors the perfect place to be. One of the best ways to use your outdoor space is with comfortable seating and shady canopies. When decorating your garden, consider how to keep the party going—rain or shine: moss, galvanized metal, ceramics and stoneware, herbs, and fresh flowers. Gathering herbs and fruit trees into a centerpiece for the table is an innovative way to help guests feel at home in your backyard garden party setting. Pretty mixtures of garden roses, ranunculus, sweet peas, and anemones always look great in cups or bowls. Even the smallest of decorations can serve a valuable function for your garden party: napkin holders, food covers (to keep pests away), and drink trays to help make things easier.

Selecting a garden party theme and color is the first step in planning your celebration. To create a cohesive space, set the table with cloth napkins and seat cushions in your chosen color. The draped fabric looks pretty for summer garden parties and offers a bit of extra protection from the sun on really hot days.

Extend your party theme to other areas by stringing up large, brightly colored paper or cloth pompoms and/or other decorative items such as banners. Flowering effects in floral factories are known for their vibrant colors and beautiful effects.

The most formal arrangement for a garden party will be more structured and suited to the occasion but less formal arrangements of simple blooms in jars or containers make an understated feel throughout.

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Theme & Placement

Bring the tropics to your next garden party with a Tiki bar

Tiki bars, hanging chairs, and hot tubs are the newest garden decorations right now. This fun furniture piece clearly defines that drinks can be had from the couch. A well-stocked tiki bar is a must for any celebratory garden party. Clear glass, green or purple cocktail tumblers, and ceramic wine glasses are perfect for tropical beverages like Pimms and gin.

Create a Party Vibe

You can never go wrong with balloons and bunting! They signal a party is in progress. To add a splash of color to your garden party table, adorn the space with eye-catching hues. Dress up your garden party with bold bunting and balloons so it feels like the celebration is happening in a secret place. One way to decorate your garden for a party is to make paper bunting – you can do this yourself, and if you choose colors based on the theme of the party they should reflect beautifully off of white clothes. Decorating with floral-themed linens will accent flower pots, making your party feel fresh and in season.

When thinking about refreshments, keep the menu light and delicious. Lemonade, herbal tea, iced coffee, and fruity sangria can be chilled in bowls for guests. As a tip;

An Extra Tip from Magical Teamwork

Sugared- Flowered Doughnuts

Want something sweet and eye-catching to serve for dessert? Look no further than these sugared-flowered doughnuts. While this edible design can top any confection of your choosing, we think these individual glazed treats are both adorable and COVID-friendly.

Paper Pom Poms Are A Great Way to Decorate Your Garden for A Festive Celebration

To spruce up your garden party decorations, add paper pom-poms if you are bored of the traditional bunting. Hang lights from trees, beams, laundry lines, and window frames to create an instant party ambiance. It is a good idea to take into account how to decorate your garden party beforehand. Making your own decorations or buying them are both valid choices. And if you’re making your own, use patterned paper to add a vibrant touch. Alternatively, go monochromatic for serious sophistication or all white or all black for the perfect display.

Decorate Your Table in Style

  • Arrange the banquet table as if it were inside, but add a few green touches to make it feel like you’re hosting outdoors. Rely heavily on details; for the table set up, make sure to put all of our decorations in order. Arranging the place settings for your guests is an important part of hosting a party. If you need a more boho vibe, place statement floral arrangements or filled flower jars down the length of your table.
  • Also, Decorative fruits and flowers are nothing new, but put in the same-sized containers they create a summer garden party experience. Decorate your garden party with crafts of cut flowers and citrus, then sparse greenery on a natural twig base. Why not let it swing freely from a length of sisal rope?
  • Place a small bunch of freshly picked flowers in each set, wrapped nicely in cloth napkins. Guests can use the napkin during the sit-down meal and then take home their blooms after the party is over.
  • Also, you can do some flower arrangements. When you have more than enough leafy herbs in your garden, consider what to do with all that excess. We often end up wasting fresh produce because this is the case. However, we can use it as a centerpiece for our table or party! Mix shapes and textures, and add color with edible flowers and herb blossoms. This arrangement, which includes mint, spicy chives, lavender, and rosemary, sits in a high-sided vessel.

Make a Warm Welcome

Don’t let your garden gate discourage potential party attendees. Instead, greet guests with a dazzling display, like bright lights and even some songs! Give them a jolly greeting, so they feel welcomed and ready to party on arrival. Taking your event to the next level is as simple as hanging banners and creating a few fun posts. Write a happy birthday message or anniversary dedication for all to see, to set the tone for the garden party. Hang a chalkboard in any space to transform it into a message board. You can dress up your chalkboard with vinyl letters that spell out “Welcome!” or “Thank you” to make sure the party’s invitation is obvious.

Consider Playing Lawn Games

To get the party started, you might want to consider a few easy-to-prepare games for your garden party. If you want your garden party to look its best, keep the decor simple and attractive. We recommend sticking with classics like hoopla and skittles and invest in good-quality wooden sets for decoration (not lurid plastic that just looks messy). Classic wooden garden party games will look more sophisticated and will last for years to come. Croquet is one of the best ways to enjoy your garden, though a giant tumble tower could be more fun. Provide an area with comfortable seating for those who wish to take a break while watching.

In order to have a comfortable and successful garden party, you will want to make sure that your seating is installed so that guests can enjoy the festivities whether they are lounging in the sun or catching the stars at night. For an added artisanal touch, use yarn to make a knot for the buttons on each cushion.

Set a Hammock

A garden party is a wonderful way to celebrate your love of mother nature and all things natural. One great idea for a backyard party, in particular, is hammocks. A hammock will add to the ambiance of your garden party by helping you sit back and enjoy. With this lounging accessory, you can attach it to a few trees in your garden and enjoy oneself while outdoors.

Pick up a Pinata to Get Things Started

Adults and children love playing this fun garden party game. Hang your pinata filled with sweets from a branch and invite all kids for some treasure. Assign different zones within your outdoor space to different activities. Arrange lounging areas for grown-ups and provide different points of interest for younger party-goers to keep everyone entertained.

Make Plant Pot Party Servers

This is a great idea if you’re already having your party in the garden. While there are plenty of things to decorate, chances are you might have most of the necessary supplies at hand. You can use plant pots to display items like cutlery, napkins, straws, or any other dining accessory. They come in brightly colored options for a splash of color in an otherwise drab setting. Plant pots are a unique way to decorate your garden party with bright colors and utensils.  Either use brand new pots or give your existing pot a good scrub and clean, then line it’s inside with smaller drinking glasses. Add chalkboard labels that feature charming Alice in Wonderland-style directions to the exterior of the pot.

Create a Fun-Filled Photo Booth

Add a photo booth at the end of your garden party for special memories. Leave out a camera and fun props to make things easier on everyone and ensure that you capture the best bits before people leave! Using your garden as a backdrop will provide the perfect setting for capturing absolutely beautiful memories.

Seek Shade during the Warmer Time of Day to Avoid Overheating

It is important to provide seating that can accommodate people who want to sit back and watch the guests at your party. When arranging a garden party, you should choose sections with attractive views and use matching slipcovers and coordinating cushions to help tie the mismatched chairs together. Not only will a gazebo keep the party going, even if it starts to drizzle, but also protect your party from being unnecessarily dragged down by rain.

Adding canvas umbrellas might help to avoid some occasions. If the sun is out and the weather’s perfect, throwing a backyard get together is probably your best bet. If the heat is too intense for your guests, a large umbrella can provide just the right amount of shade. Choose one made of sturdy canvas that’ll last for seasons to come.

Create an Impromptu Bar

It is a good idea to buy glasses for the party or move them outside so guests don’t have to keep going inside for more. Add drink stations around your garden to maximize beverage options and space. It will mean guests help themselves, leaving the host free to mingle as they please. A trunk can be beautifully decorated with a pretty pink tablecloth and is used as a perch for champagne, an ice bucket, and glassware. Ensure the terrace is protected from breakages by choosing clear plastic and pink decorations over glass. 

Put Some Customization

Never lose your drink again with this garden party trick. To help guests keep track of their drinks, hang a charm around the glass to indicate which drink it is. Another idea is to invite guests who have brought their own coasters since this can save you time and money on having to purchase some in advance.

To Set a Festive Mood, Install Fairy Lights

If you want to keep the party going and enjoy it into the night, outdoor lanterns are a must. You can create a memorable environment through the use of different styles. To recreate the effect of lighting your garden party from above, you can use outdoor lanterns to light up your patio or balcony. To avoid scrambling for extension cables or batteries, solar-powered lights can be a fine option.

Arrange Pathways with Light for Guests to Navigate When Coming into the Party

If you have a garden that will accommodate your party, signpost paths to help guests navigate it. Paper-bag lanterns will illuminate the uneven ground, steps, and hillside. You can use them in twirls over your head or scatter them around for a magical look. We recommend using battery-powered lights rather than tea lights so they can be left unattended. Pop a weight, such as a stone, inside each bag if conditions get breezy.

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