One of the most important things that you can do for your child is to throw a great party. If you want to make sure that it’s a perfect day, then there are some steps that you need to take in order to ensure success. One of the first things that you will want to do is come up with an idea for a theme and plan out what activities will be taking place at the party. When it comes time for food, don’t forget about healthy options! This blog post has all sorts of creative ideas on how to throw the perfect kid’s birthday party!

We all have varying levels of tolerance for organizing parties. Kids’ parties rank second only to weddings when it comes to party stress, but some people thrive on this type of thing. After reading this blog, you’ll know which category you fall into and how you can successfully plan an event for your child’s birthday. Others want a more intimate affair, but we’re all in agreement that each parent is entitled to their own party planning preferences.

Your child’s party should be different from your usual outings with the kids, but it shouldn’t feel overwhelming. But you know your own child—adjust the level of fun to their liking.

And we’re not going to lie: Anything you do will require some work. When it comes to messy tasks, feeding a toddler cake is the pinnacle. However, that’s part of the joy. Big birthday celebrations are all about giving the guests a good time, mostly you and your child. We’ve rounded up some helpful ideas to make your child’s celebration day easier for you.

Where to Start A Kid’s Birthday Party?

As the very first step of your party preparation is setting your budget. Developing a budget can help you be better organized and will let you know what birthday party options are within your price range. Determine your budget before you start planning your party. If your budget for the party is low, there are plenty of ways to keep the kids entertained that doesn’t cost much. Some of the tips below are suitable for low budgets, and some are perfectly suited to high budgets.

After setting your budget, you have done with the majority of the plan, now it’s time to find out what your child wants to add to the party to make it more personal. Don’t demand that your child come up with the exact details of the birthday party, as this will surely disappoint him/her if you cannot meet their expectations. Additionally, you can offer to help out with the preparations for the birthday party by creating invitations or putting stickers on envelopes.

Go with A Theme or Don’t

When planning a party for kids, the challenge is having enough activities to keep them occupied and engaged. For example, provide a cupcake stand and let kids decorate them with candies as they choose. As long as you provide something for your kids to do or watch, they won’t care if the party is fancy and extravagant. You may want to set a theme or you may want to create your party without a theme. When deciding on a theme for your kid’s birthday, keep it simple – such as a teddy bear picnic. The youngest of guests at a party often want to bring along an item they are familiar with. Kids love to bring what they are familiar with. So all you need is a picnic table or blanket and teddy bear-shaped food and desserts. You can also add storytime, music, games, crafts, and more! Carnival and Hawaiian luau themes might be popular when the weather is warm.

These days, there are so many options that you need to consider before settling on one. You should take some time to think about what your child likes and how they want their party set up in order to choose a theme that will really be perfect for them! Here are some popular themes: 

  • Movie Party Theme – this is a great choice because all of the children get to dress as characters from their favorite movie and they have fun doing arts & crafts projects based on those movies;
  • Animal Themed Party Theme – these parties can range anywhere from jungle animal-themed (lots of greens) or safari animals (browns and tan); it depends on what type of approach. 
  • Western Themed Party Theme – these parties are great for cowboys and girls alike.

There you have it! Now, let’s get to one of your biggest decisions: what to wear. This may seem simple but kids can be very picky about how they want their clothes arranged so make sure you ask them before making any purchase or committing to anything too expensive if money is tight.


Pick Your Location

The third important thing is to choose the location. There are many great places to have a kid’s birthday party, but parents should carefully consider the location before making an informed decision. When it comes to the question of where you will throw your son or daughter’s birthday party, there are a number of things to consider. What type of party do they want? What type is best for my budget? Would my child enjoy more freedom at home or having their own space at a venue? Throwing a party at home can save money (other times more once you add it all up), but most venues provide activities and coordinate games, food setup, cleanup, which can save time and budget. Planning a party at home can make it impossible to spend time with the birthday child because you are too busy hosting and running around making sure everything goes according to plan. Hiring a venue with host capabilities means you can relax and enjoy the special moments. Venues are a great way to keep the party atmosphere, but it’s important to pick one that is weather-appropriate for the season you’re in. Both of these will determine where your party will take place. If your child has a winter birthday, an outside venue may not be the best choice, but their party can also have indoor activities if you’re considering a climate-controlled venue with room for parties. While you might prefer to set up an outdoor party, it can be crucial that the venue also offers indoor space as a backup in case of bad weather.

Magical Teamwork

Create Unique Invitations

According to your party theme, you can create unique and creative invitations. Invitations are often one of the most stressful parts of party planning, but creating your own invites can be a fun bonding experience for you and your kids. Make your child’s birthday special with handmade invitations. If you want to bring some happiness into your child’s life this year and put some creativity into their party favors, buy blank cards at the local craft store or dollar store. Or you can print the invitation from your computer. Create a guest list for every party, inviting everyone at least two weeks before the event. You can send invitations in four different ways: by mail, email, or drop-off. It is a good idea to make follow-up phone calls with parents as needed. Some parents might want to enlist high school students who already know the kids from school to lead games or help out with food, so it might be a good idea. To avoid disappointment, make sure guests have enough time to prepare for the party. Have your guests reply to the invitation so that you know how many people will be able to attend. Send a list of all parents’ dietary requirements and allergies to the party host so that they can plan accordingly.

One of the most important facts for your party is checking out who is coming. Rather than assigning one party to grownups and a separate party for children, consider holding two separate parties: one geared towards the adults (grandparents, other relatives, and adult friends) and one geared towards the kids (cousins, this child’s friends from playgroup or preschool). There are a few key things to keep in mind when it comes to hosting a birthday party: grown-ups need healthy food and adults should have some time for themselves. Depending on the age of the attendees, a kid’s party can be exhausting to plan. Ideally, you should aim to have games, child-friendly food, and an easy nonstop time limit. The exception: At a child’s first birthday, mixed ages will likely come and go over the course of a couple of hours, making it not too difficult to keep them entertained.

When to Start a Party?

Also, another important point for your party is the time. When your party should start?

To keep your party from getting too long and drawn-out, don’t be afraid to trim it short at the onset. To avoid stressing your child and their guests, plan the party’s duration around nap times or other activities. Finding the right time for your kids’ party can be difficult, but planning a party for 10-12 a.m. or 3-5 p.m. will be more enjoyable, and considering each child’s needs when deciding on a location will make it even better!

After all these steps, now it’s time to decide the food! The food for your child’s birthday party should be served in a fun way and small sizes. When you are deciding on party food, avoid any dishes that can easily be grasped by small hands. It can include small sandwiches, mini pizzas, mini burgers, and slices of fruit. And the most important food for the party is the cake! Once you know how many guests will be in attendance, it is easy to figure out what size cake should be purchased. Consider what kind of cake will be pleasing for your child- may be a theme like dinosaurs, princesses, or ice cream? It is also important to buy candles and place them on top of the cake, so that your child may make a wish! Also, you can make your cake a little bit creative and colorful by adding some sparkles and creating a game. Make a tray of mini cupcakes, regular cupcakes, or muffins. Frost cupcakes with icing or muffins with cream cheese. Put out bowls of sprinkles, colored sugar, and mini chocolate chips so the children may choose to create their own homemade treats. 

How to Decorate Your Party

As the visual face and fact of the party, the decoration should be considered. The current trend among many people is to have that one perfect moment captured in a photograph. To make the event this and create an Instagram-worthy backdrop, you can use a photo of your child’s favorite toy or pet. A popular way to decorate an item for a party is with birthday balloons. You can use birthday balloons to create interest in the room and become a colorful backdrop for photos at your child’s party. To improve the look of your streamer, consider adding a few under the table or on the ceiling. Birthday balloons can be most delightful when used in a balloon arch. If creating an elegant party is what you’re after, this DIY project combined with a few extra decorations should do the trick. If you don’t love balloon centerpieces, try other variations like a decorative garland made from the material. Tassels can easily be tied with string, creating bright garlands. Paper fans are another way to add color and whimsical patterns to your party. Does your child love sweet treats? Make a garland out of ice cream cones and cupcake liners. You might prefer a paper chain creation for your party. This backdrop can be made out of paper in your child’s favorite color. 

Not only the environment, but you can decorate your cake also. Everyone loves a good birthday cake, but decorating it on your own can be hard. Once you find the right recipe for the cake, start brainstorming on the decorations. One thing to consider is making your own cake topper. To commemorate the birthday wondrous festivity, take pictures of your child’s favorite memories to make tributes. You can use these photos as clothespins and place them on top instead. You can also create your own candle topper! Besides the top of the cake, you have to worry about the bottom! What’s the cake going to stand on? There are plenty of glass or plastic cake stands at your local bakery or craft store that you can paint your child’s favorite color or even spray paint with glitter. If you don’t have time to worry about creating your own decorations, try adding some personal touches to store-bought candles. You can add rhinestones to any candle quickly and they will steal the show. 

Kid’s attention might be distracted easily, so you need to keep them busy. Let the party be more interactive and fun by hosting a few short games.  If you want to make your kid’s birthday more memorable, consider hiring a magician or taking them to a bowling alley. Outdoor games and activities can be tricky as rain typically ruins them; still, you should have a backup plan. Some examples of party games to play with kids is conducting a scavenger hunt or pinning the tail on the donkey. Also, you can play;

  • Musical Hoops

Stock up on inexpensive plastic hoops for your kids’ party. Place kids on the floor and play cool music as they march around, jumping in a hoop when the tunes stop. Each round, decrease the number of hoops by one but don’t discard any children. In the end, everyone crammed into one of the remaining holes – by sticking their toe in, foot in, or hand in.

  • Treasure Hunt

To keep your kids entertained, create clues that will engage them all over the house. Give gold coins as treasure after the game ends.

Also giving Goody Bags might be a beautiful memory and gift from your kid’s birthday party. Kids love receiving gifts, and they don’t care what’s inside them as long as they get something! Don’t spend your hard-earned money on expensive things that will just get old. You can buy chalk and a long stick at any store that sells school supplies. With all these details and tips, you can create a perfect party for your kid’s birthday!