Here are the list of musical games we play:

* Musical Chairs

* Balloon Rush Team Building Game

* Limbo Stick Game- How low can you go?

* Freeze Dance- Freeze!

* Fun Group Dance

We may alternate or change the order of the games considering overall competition and attendance. 

We also have special add-on for extended time:

​- Parachute Game

–  Toilet Paper Blowing Game

– Add Face Painting and Balloon Twisting Show

– Add Costumed Character of your choice.( %50 off) see promotion below for details)​​

REQUIREMENTS FOR MUSICAL GAMES: Please consider another type of entertainment IF,
* the play area is limited: We need a wide open area to play comfortably.
* kids are younger than 3 years old: 3+ is required for all set of games. Younger ones may not accept supervision.
* there are only a few kids to play: We are unable to create a competition without enough number of kids. (Preferably not less than 10)

* there is another entertainment going on at the same time (bouncy houses, pools etc)

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Book Musical Games, Get %50 OFF your Costumed Character!
* 30 mins Musical Games.
* 30 mins Costumed Character Entertainment (%50 OFF)

Add- On #1: Face Painting
Add- On #2: Balloon Twisting


 Booking with us is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Sending us a contact form is the best way. If you need help, give us a call! We promise no hassles and no headaches. You can expect friendly, respectful and professional services with satisfaction guaranteed!


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