Outside Birtday birthday are the greatest—they adore having so much space for games and activities and outdoor pictures with the family. (And there’s a bonus in preserving your home!) All you need for an incredible backyard party is sunshine, green space, enjoyable party supplies, simple snacks, and a strong birthday party theme to bring it all together. Looking for some inspiration on how to make your outdoor birthday celebration truly stand out? There’s no difficulty. Here are ideas for children’s outdoor birthday parties that will work for both pre-schoolers and pre-teens.

Turn Jenga Into an Outdoor Party Game: Fun Ideas for Tabletop Tumbling

Turn your favorite tabletop tumbling game into a huge outdoor event by adding it to Jenga. Make a large wooden block tournament where the winner takes home a tiny replica of the game in their loot bag. At lunch, serve a platter of stacked vegetable sticks (such as carrots, celery, and cucumbers) with dip alongside a tower of finger sandwiches. Candy bars and pretzels are also good Jenga blocks for snacks.) Keep the fun going with more outdoor party games, including lawn dice and a set of jumbo dominoes, or make your own larger-than-life game of tic-tac-toe out of sheets of construction paper.

A DIY Guide to a Fun Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Party

On this special day, your tiny T-Rex will be jumping for joy. Create the ambiance by drawing life-size dinosaur drawings on the driveway and/or sidewalk that leads to your yard. (FYI, a triceratops footprint would have been 95 cm long in reality.) Make your own archeological dig by burying plastic dinosaur toys in the sandbox (or a big bucket filled with sand) and providing guests with tiny shovels and brushes to dig out. Add a simple homemade “fossil” cookie kit, a dino party hat project, and an epic run through the sprinkler to make this dinosaur-themed birthday party extra special!

Organize a Backyard Mini Golf Tournament

With some pool noodles, cardstock flags fastened to bamboo stakes, and a little creativity, you can construct a tiny golf course in no time. Use household items like empty cereal boxes and tissue boxes as obstacles and holes. You may also construct ramps and tunnels from existing plywood or PVC pipe if you have any laying around from previous DIY projects. The on-theme party food options are endless: Cupcakes decorated as golf balls, iced “tee,” “birdie” chicken wings, apple “slices,” and other cute options will add a touch of class to your celebration. It’s ideal for a golf-obsessed fore-year-old—but it’s also appropriate for children of all ages.

Create a Camping-Themed Sleepover

Create a campsite atmosphere with a large chalkboard sign that reads, “Welcome Campers!” Small wooden directional signs can direct partygoers to activities such as “fishing” (using a huge water-filled bucket, trinket toy prizes, and tiny nets) and a bean bag toss. You may enthrall the youngsters by reciting camping songs and making campy crafts like paper folded campfires and Mason jar bug catchers. Serve hot dogs and burgers, then add some fun to the snacks—everyone will appreciate a s’mores station with all the fixings! This is a fantastic layout for sleepover parties (add tents!)

 A Movie Theater-Style Celebration

The finest backyard birthday party ever is now in theaters near you! With an all-you-can-eat concession stand with movie theater popcorn, elegant beverages, and a candy bar for your movie-going celebration guests, give them the star treatment. Floor poufs, cushions, and plenty of blankets make for comfy sitting. A little LED lightbox with the words “Happy Birthday,” a balloon garland around the movie screen, and lots of twinkling lights round out the package. At home, your party will take you to Hollywood’s glitz and glamour.

Turn Your Backyard into an Art Studio: Fun and Inexpensive Activities for Kids

With easels (or small canvases for painting at an outdoor table), washable paints, and a modest creative imagination, your kid may bring out their artistic talent. You may assist with inspiration by pointing out flora or trees in the yard and encouraging them to paint pictures of one another. When your kids’ Monet paintings are finished, you may introduce other art-related activities. Sidewalk chalk drawings, modeling clay sculptures, and beading bracelets to take home in their loot bags are just a few ideas. Use colorful streamers and rainbow balloons, a paint-splattered tablecloth (easy to make ahead of time!), and paintbrush-shaped cookies for the décor.

A Festive Backyard Bash without a Pool: Underwater-Themed Activities 

This aquatic-themed backyard celebration doesn’t even need a pool! All you’ll need is a sprinkler, bubbles (with fun wands!), and some under-the-sea inspiration. Teal, blue, and purple balloons are the perfect backdrop for the decorations. Kids will love creating “mermaid slime” (the same sensory activity with clear glue that you’ve most certainly tried before, but this time with the addition of blue and green glitter!) and “seashell crowns” out of basic headbands, ribbons, and stick-on gems. Give yourself a break on the theme-inspired dessert by buying a cute set of toppers to use with your standard cupcake recipe (or to freshen up a store-bought birthday cake).

Baseball-Themed Backyard Party: A Hit with Your Little League

A baseball-themed backyard party will surely be a hit with your little league. Water balloons add a fun spin on their favorite pastime, making it possible for even the smallest backyards to play—and refreshing on a hot summer day! (Just remind your guests to bring a bathing suit or extra dry clothes!) All you have to do is construct some bases (you may use recycled cardboard), fill a pail with water balloons, and keep a few plastic bats and mitts on hand. Take the theme to the next level by making “Team Birthday” jerseys, baking baseball cupcakes (add red icing for stitching), and constructing a chalkboard scoreboard. If you have enough lawn space or access to a neighborhood park with a baseball diamond that can be used for the afternoon, a typical baseball party will also be a success.

Tiny’s Worldwide Adventure: A Map-Themed Party

Make an exciting worldwide adventure out of your tiny’s trip with their pals. Set the stage for the thrilling adventures by distributing map-themed party invites—with an X to indicate the location, of course. Make a treasure map and have the children follow it to find their riches, including on-theme party favors like tiny flashlights, magnifying glasses, and carabiner keychains (to help them carry their stuff!) Keep the little explorers energized with “adventure juice” (a.k.a. fruit punch), a nutritious trail mix (buy a premade package or make your nut-free version with dried fruits, cereal, and pretzels), and wrapped sandwiches they can grab and go. Adventure is around the corner!

Outdoor Play Performances Based on Traditional Activities

This is a throwback party based on a traditional outdoor play performed correctly, and it’s an excellent option for a low-budget party. This theme can usually be accomplished with the equipment you already have at home or in your garage. The celebration will be kicked off with a hula hoop (who can spin the longest) and potato sack race (which may be done alone, in pairs, or backward). To add a birthday spin to the frisbee toss, cut a big rectangular hole in two sides of a large, recycled box (big enough to fit the frisbee easily), then wrap it up into a huge present with an enormous bow on top. Four more classics that older kids’ birthday parties adore—freeze dance, charades, hot potato, and “Simon says”—are all free!

Keep Kids Occupied at Parties: Fun Musical Games and More

Playing musical games is one way to keep youngsters occupied during dance parties. Musical chairs, musical statues, and discos are examples of musical games. Another method to keep children entertained is to have them participate in Lip Sync Battles or other inventive exercises. Finally, if you want to ensure that your children’s party is a success, consider hiring a professional entertainer experienced with children’s parties. This is an excellent approach to keep the kids occupied and interested for the whole celebration.

1. MUSICAL Statues

Play music and everyone will dance until it ends (out of view of the children, hit the pause button), then they will freeze in position. Anyone still moving when the music stops playing or who moves after the music has stopped is eliminated from that round. The winner of the last dance is determined.

2. Musical Bobs

When the music is switched off, have the youngsters dance in a similar manner to Musical Statues. The last person down is eliminated. The winner of the final dance is the one who remains to stand!

3. Musical Buddies

When the music is shut, have kids shout a number. Children must form groups with that many individuals. Anyone who isn’t in a group or the last to join is eliminated.

4. Poison Apple

This is also a great birthday party game for a princess or witch/wizard-themed party. Have the children stand in a circle and pass an apple from person to person around the process as the music plays. When the music stops, the one carrying the apple with the “poison” pretends to take a bite and then falls as if bewitched by it. The winner is the player that falls to the floor with the most style!

5. You’ve Got Moves!

This is a fantastic dance game for youngsters. The children begin in a circle and perform an amazing dance move. The dance continues with the second dancer repeating the first dance moves, then adding their variation. The birthday party games loops around the circle, with each dance sequence becoming more difficult as time passes. When a player forgets the dance choreography, they are removed from the game and sit down. The last dancer standing is the winner!

6. Pass the Parcel

The Parcel is a well-known children’s party game that is highly popular among youngsters. It may be played with any music, but try incorporating an upbeat, fast pace into the mix for a unique twist. Have the younger kids sit in a circle and pass a parcel around while listening to music. The child holding the parcel gets to unwrap one layer when the music ceases. The game continues until the package is entirely unrolled, and the last kid standing is the winner.

7. Lip Syncing Competition

For this game, you’ll need access to a music streaming service like Spotify and two fake microphones. Divide the partygoers into pairs. Each team picks a well-known song to perform. Teams are given an opportunity to plan their routine, suggesting that they consider dance routines and facial emotions. Teams alternate performing for the other partygoers. The winner may be chosen by a designated judge or based on audience reaction and applause to determine which performance is liked most.

8. Air Guitar Competition

Put on your favorite heavy or hard rock song and have guests perform their best air guitar moves! The winner is the performer who does the finest job pretending to play an imaginary rock guitar.

9. Disco Dress-Up Relay

Divide the party guests into four or five teams of two or three players each. Each team will require a collection of 4-5 large-sized disco outfits that are simple to put on and take off — for example, a sequined headband, glitter hat, or curly wig with sunglasses and huge costume jewelry. The team members face each other across a short running distance, with two lines of children divided into groups. For each team, the pile of costumes is positioned in front of the first member.

When all the dress-up clothes (over their typical garments) have been put on, the first member should say “Go” and then move to the next team member, removing the clothes as soon as he arrives. The party games for kids are until all team members have a chance to pretend and run. The winner is the team with their final member across the finish line first.

10. Musical Costumes

Begin by having all the kids sit or stand in a circle while the music plays. A bag of random costume components – glasses, hats, gloves, boas, and so on – is passed around the group as the song ends. Someone pulls out an item from the bag and puts it on their head as soon as the music stops. At the conclusion of the outdoor games, the player wearing the most outrageous costume wins.

11. Limbo

Limbo is a well-known traditional party fun game! To play Limbo, you’ll need a broomstick (or similar). The pole should be held horizontally between the chests of two individuals (one at each end). Pop in your favorite tracks, line up the players, and let them battle it without knocking or damaging the limbo pole – you’re out if you touch it.

The goal is for the entire group to pass under the pole in a backward leaning. When all the players have gone underneath, it is lowered somewhat, and they must return beneath it without contacting it. The winner of the dance with a musical theme is the last player to perform.