Kids Christmas Games for Christmas Party

The holiday season has truly arrived. Between preparing a Christmas dinner spread and getting the house ready for your party visitors, it might be tough to find things to do with your children. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of entertaining Christmas games for kids that will keep them occupied for hours. You could even see the adults wanting to get in on the action and add them to your family Christmas games list.

The best thing about these kids’ Christmas activities is that they’re just as simple to organize as they are to execute. Add them to your Christmas crafting list and you’ll have enough time to throw in a DVD before bed.

It’s as simple as making your own tic-tac-toe board out of a burlap sack or wrapping some tiny stocking stuffer goodies in saran wrap for an amusing (and time-consuming) afternoon game for the kids—the more you wrap, the longer it’ll take them to reach the delicious stuff!

You’ll have a blast playing these Christmas party games as a family that you’ll want to bring out your adult Christmas party games for another round of fun. So, gather around with a cup of hot cocoa and put those gaming faces on! Set, prepare, go ho ho ho!

1. Snowman Skittles

Take a box of white paper cups and have your kids decorate each one to resemble a snowman. If you do, use loo rolls instead.

Stack the toilet rolls on top of one another to make a stack. Seven along the bottom, six along the row above and so on should be enough.

Fill a snowman’s hole with dry sand. The finished snowman should be tall enough to stand upright, so if your child is in charge of the size of the snowman, make sure it’s at least three feet tall. If you don’t have a ping-pong ball, a bundled piece of white tissue paper will suffice instead.

The problem is to try and destroy as many snowmen as possible.

2. Merry Memory Game

This is a fun Christmas game for older children to play. Get everyone to sit at a table in the same room. In a different location, fill a tray with up to ten small objects, such as a spoon, gingerbread man, Christmas bauble, Lego piece, and candy cane.

Take the tray to the youngsters and give them 60 seconds to memorize what’s on it. (No illicit notes, please.)

Put the tray back when you’re done, then let your kids write down everything they saw on it in 60 seconds (or longer for small children). The individual who remembers the most is the winner.

Some other variations of this game are to take one thing off the tray and have the kids attempt to determine which item is missing. You must play this game!

3. Lapland Limbo

This is a fun twist on the popular party game known as limbo, which is enjoyed by kids of all ages. Even crawlers like it!

Take a long length of tinsel and have two adults hold each end, about a meter above the ground.

Challenge the kids to lean backward and limbo under the tinsel without touching it or falling over.

When they get under the tinsel, tuck it in a little closer to the floor.

To make it even more Christmas-y, have each child stuff a cushion in their top so they all have a big Santa belly. With that in the way, maybe you can get underneath the tinsel!

4. Sitting Room Snowstorm

Please accept my apologies in advance for this Christmas party game. But if you can bear with the carnage, it’ll keep youngsters amused for hours.

Fill two buckets at opposite ends of the room with polystyrene balls (the bigger they are, the less likely they are to go everywhere).

Give each kid a tiny spade and ask them to move all the balls from one bucket to the other in the shortest time possible while you keep an eye on them with your vacuum cleaner.

If you have a young child, be on the lookout for them swallowing any of the polystyrene balls.

5. Name That Christmas Smell

Everyone can join in this Christmas party game, no matter their age.

Blindfold one youngster and bring them into the room with a variety of Christmas-themed things for them to smell before identifying what they are.

A pine cone, a twig from the Christmas tree, a chocolate bar, a mince pie, and even wrapping paper are all possible additions.

To reduce the risk of choking, keep your child away from any items on their list that they could inhale, such as cinnamon or other festive spices.

6. Jingle Bells Challenge

You’ll also need some jingle bells for this Christmas game, which you may buy at craft stores or on the internet if you don’t already have them.

You’ll also need some paper cups.

On a triangle-shaped table, position the cups upright.

Make sure everyone is at least three feet away from the cups. Each player takes a turn tossing his jingly bells into a cup.

When a kid gets his or her bell into a cup, the prize goes to the youngster who is furthest away.

7. Santa’s Sack Relay

Is it time for the youngsters to get rid of some steam? This is a wonderful Christmas game for releasing steam and curing cabin fever. Split everyone into two groups, give each team a Santa sack or a pillowcase, and have them stand at one end of the room.

At one end of the room, hang a bucket filled with Santa-related objects. A magic key, a list, a carrot for Rudolf, or a box of mince pies are all possible examples.

Shout out to each player which thing they’ll need to bring back when the relay race begins. It’s a race to see who can fill their Santa sack first.

8. Christmas Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is a popular pastime, and this one is great for children of all ages. Each youngster should have a large ball of twine. Tie a present to one end and a pencil to the other.

Tie the room and hallway in knots. Tie one end of each strand to the ceiling, then hide the present in a different room and unwind the twine around the room and down the hallway. For each ball of twine, tie it over itself so that it’s impossible to tell which piece belongs to which ball.

Give each child the end coated with a pencil, and then have them wind the twine around it until they reach their prize.

9. Christmas Card Jigsaw

This is a great game using items you already have at home.

Take some old Christmas cards and rip or cut the picture apart into four pieces.

Then pile all the pieces on the table and challenge your kids’ Christmas games to put them back together to complete a card. The winner is the person who completes the most Christmas card jigsaws.

10. Guess What’s In Stocking

Make a Christmas stocking for the bunny and fill it with several items, such as a tennis ball, toy car, or candy cane.

Make some stocking filler toys together and have the kids pass them around to discover what’s inside. The winner of this easy game is the person who gets the most items guessed correctly.

11. Sleeping Reindeer

This Christmas party game, like ‘Sleeping Lions,’ is guaranteed to be a hit with the kids. It also provides an opportunity for parents and adults to get some much-needed rest and quiet.

Bring the youngsters to life as sleeping reindeer, sitting or reclining on the floor.

Play holiday music or shake jingle bells as you go around the children to add a little charm to your day.

The winner is the last person who hasn’t budged.

12. Paper Plate Challenge

Why not try Christmas arts and crafts games to soothe the children down? On a paper plate, provide each youngster with a pen and a paper plate. Sit everyone in a circle on the floor and have them make a ring.

They must lay the paper plate flat on top of their heads. Each youngster should draw a Christmas tree or festive character while the plate is still on their head as the music begins!

13. Christmas Tree Race

Continue your creative Christmas with a green papercraft for each youngster.

Give them two minutes to tear up the paper into a Christmas tree while it’s still behind their backs.

The winner is the student whose paper most closely resembles a Christmas tree.

14. Snowman Challenge

It’s time to get down and dirty with this Christmas party game!

Split the children into two teams and have them select someone from their team to be the snowman.

Give each of them (except for the ‘snowman’) a toilet roll, a scarf, and a hat.

They must wrap their toilet paper around the designated snowman when the timer begins. Keep an eye on them and ensure they don’t cover their nose or mouth.

The scarf and hat are additional props that help to complete the costume, and the best snowman is the one that looks best.

15. The Christmas Description Game

A fantastic party game for kids who enjoy painting.

Sit two youngsters facing each other with their backs to one another. Give one child a bright item, such as a bauble or tinsel, and the other a piece of paper and pen.

The goal of the game is for one child to describe the object to the other, so that he may draw it.

They are not permitted to express what it is, but rather must endeavor to describe its appearance.

16. Pass the Christmas Parcel

This is the same as a regular ‘pass the parcel,’ but with a Christmas twist, of course.

Fill each sheet of extra paper with a Christmas-themed challenge — from singing Jingle Bells to impersonating Santa as he sneaks into the house.

Make the obstacles simple for youngsters and more difficult for older children, making it a suitable Christmas game for all ages.

17. Fish for Candy Canes

Just in case your children want more sweets this Christmas. Fill a tiny tub with candy canes, leaving the curved bits protruding. Then have each kid try their hand at fishing with a rod – a stick with some string and a hook.

The goal is to attempt and catch a candy cane, after which they can eat it!

18. North Pole Obstacle Course

Are you looking for fun Christmas games to get your kids moving? Consider creating a North Pole obstacle course.

Divide the children into two teams and have one person from each team stand at either end of the room.

Create an obstacle course out of it. It may be made to crawl through balls of wrapping paper, leap over lengths of tinsel, or balance on one leg for 30 seconds to avoid stepping in reindeer dung.

19. Santa Says …

This Christmas game is based on the same principles as ‘Simon Says.’

Children of all ages can practice their listening skills, but you may need to assist younger ones. Someone is assigned the role of Santa, and whatever he or she says, you must obey. They’d say: “Santa demands that everyone lie on the ground,” and everyone has to do so.

But if someone asks you to do something without saying, “Santa says,” and you still comply, you’ve failed!

You may also make it so that the last player to do what Santa instructs is eliminated from the game.

20. Christmas ‘Who Am I?’

Who Am I? is a simple quiz that can be completed by children of any age.

Get the kids to sit down around a table and carefully place a post-it note on their foreheads. Then, get your children and have them sit down around a table.

As a result, they may not know who they are and what their children will be like. They’ll want to find out everything possible about you. However, remember that they can only get ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers.

21. Guess the Christmas Tune

If your whole family is a music fanatic, they’ll love this fun game. Play a couple of seconds before the start of Christmas songs and see who can name it first.

Ask them to name the song and artist. If they can sing the first few lines, that’s even better.

22. Christmas Dress-Up

If you have a lot of winter clothing and accouterments at home, why not have a musical fancy dress relay race to see who can put on the most Christmas or winter clothes quickest?

Place a large pile of clothing in front of everyone. Make sure each pile has a variety of tops, bottoms, hats, scarves, gloves, and coats. Then play your favorite Christmas version tune.

The one with the most clothing on at the end of the song is the winner – just make sure the scarves aren’t too tightly pulled!

23. Charades

Charades are a traditional favorite during Christmas parties. Little ones will adore acting out Christmas movies like Frozen or Home Alone without uttering a word.

24. Pin the nose

On the snowman, on Rudolph – the youngsters can try to pin back their nose, whether they’ve lost it! All you have to do is draw out a snowman or a Rudolph (or get a template off the internet) and sketch a nose.

Blindfolded, the children must use Blu Tack to try to bring back the lost nose in its proper location. The individual who pins the nose closest wins.

25. Drawing Consequences

The rules are straightforward: each player is given a piece of blank paper. Draw ahead at the top (human, animal, robot, or anything else you like). Then fold the paper over to hide what you’ve drawn but keep the neck exposed.

Turn your paper over and pass it to the player on your right, who will then sketch out the body and fold the paper down again to show only the bottom of the waist.

Take the paper from the player on your left and draw a body yourself, following their example. Drawings of legs and feet are completed for each player in turn until all players have drawn. After unfolding the paper, take a look at what you’ve done.