Do you want to get your guests excited about attending your child’s next birthday party by playing some exciting music games? If that’s the case, you should think about having some music party games at your event! These musical kids party ideas are a fantastic method to get everyone involved and have fun. This blog article will go through some of the greatest music party games for kids. We will also instruct you on how to play these games. So, what do you have to lose? Continue reading to learn more!

Musical party games are a fantastic way to add spice to your next birthday celebration! With a little bit of creativity, you can turn any old party into a musical extravaganza that will have your youngsters talking for weeks to come.

How Do You Keep Kids Entertained at Parties?

One way to keep kids entertained at dance parties is to play musical games. These can include musical chairs, musical statues, and a disco. Another way to keep kids entertained is to have them participate in Lip Sync Battles or other creative activities. Finally, you may consider hiring a professional entertainer who specializes in children’s parties. This is a great way to keep the kids engaged and entertained for the duration of the party.

1. Musical Statues

Start the music, and everyone will dance until it ends (out of view of the children, hit the pause button), then they will freeze in place. Anyone who is still moving when the music stops playing or who moves after the music has stopped out for that round. The last dancer is the winner. 

2. Musical Bobs

When the music stops, have the children bop down like Musical Statues. The last person to hit the ground is eliminated. The final dancer is the winner!

3. Musical Buddies

Perform the same procedure as Musical Statues, but shout a number when the music stops. Children must group with that many individuals. Anyone who isn’t in a group, or the last one to join, is eliminated.

4. Poison Apple

This is also a fantastic game for a princess or witch/wizard-themed celebration. As the music plays, have the youngsters stand in a circle and pass an apple from person to person around the circle. When the music stops, the one who has been holding the ‘poison’ apple feigns to take a bite and then falls as if bewitched by the poison. The player who makes the most outstanding fall to the floor is the winner!

5. You’ve Got Moves!

This is a great dancing memory game for kids. The youngsters begin in a circle and perform an incredible dance move. The dance continues, with the second dancer making the first dance move and then adding a movement of their own. The game loops around the circle, with the dance sequence, moves getting more complicated as time goes on. Any player who forgets the dance sequence is eliminated from the game and sits down. The last dancer standing is the winner!

6. Pass the Parcel

Pass the Parcel is a classic kids’ party game that is hugely popular with younger party-goers. It can be played with any music, but try using upbeat, fast-paced songs for a fun twist. 

To play, have the children sit in a circle and pass a parcel around while the music is playing. When the music stops, the child holding the parcel gets to unwrap one layer. The game continues until the package is completely unwrapped, and the one-child holding it at the end is the winner.

7. Lip Syncing Competition

For this game, you’ll need access to a music streaming service like Spotify and two fake microphones. Divide the guests at the party into pairs. Each team chooses a famous song to perform. Give teams a chance to plan their routine, suggesting that they consider dance moves and facial expressions. Teams alternate performing their songs for the other partygoers. A designated judge might choose the winner, or you may watch audience reaction and clapping to determine which performance is most popular.

8. Air Guitar Competition

Please put on your favorite heavy or hard rock song and have guests show off their best air guitar moves! The performer who does the best job pretending to play an imaginary rock guitar is the winner.

9. Disco Dress Up Relay

Divide the party guests into four or five teams of two or three players each. Each team will need a collection of 4-5 large-sized disco costumes that are simple to put on and take off — for example, a sequined headband, glitter hat, curly wig, sunglasses, enormous costume jewelry, a paisley shirt, and bell-bottom pants. Groups of kids are divided into two lines, which face each other across a short running distance. The pile of costumes is placed in front of the first team member for each team. 

The first team member should go “Go” after putting on all of the dress-up clothes (over their regular attire) and then proceed to the next team member, removing the dress-up clothing as soon as he arrives. The fun game continues until all team members have a chance to dress up and run. The winner is the first team to finish with their final member across the finish line.

10. Musical Costumes

Begin by having your children sit or stand in a circle while the music plays. As the song ends, a bag of random costume components—glasses, hats, gloves, boas, and so on—is passed around the group. When the music stops, someone takes out an item from the bag and puts it on their head. The winner is the individual wearing the most outlandish costume after the game.

11. Limbo

Limbo is one of the most famous classical music traditional party games! To perform Limbo, you’ll need a broomstick (or similar). Two individuals (one at either end) should hold the pole horizontally across their chests. Pop your favorite songs, line up the players, and let them duke it out without knocking or touching the limbo pole – if you make contact with it, you’re out. 

All players must pass under the pole, leaning backward, not forward. When all players have passed under the pole, it is lowered a little, and they must go back underneath without contacting it. The final participant dancing is the winner with a music theme.

12. Musical Balloon Up

Blow up a succession of balloons, each with a single dance request written on a tiny piece of paper inserted before inflation. Actions, such as performing a specific dance move and music-related trivia questions, are examples of challenges. To play, put on some music and have the children bop the balloon to keep it in the air until the music stops. The final participant to touch the balloon is the one who pops it, followed by a challenge provided within.

13. Name that Singer!

Divide your visitors into groups. Each group will need a sufficient supply of paper to complete the number of rounds you have chosen and a marker pen. Teams should be quiet while reading the song’s title or playing the song’s opening bars. To agree with the singer, groups speak softly and write their selection on a piece of paper. 

Teams respond to the questions as prompted. Each correct response earns a point for that team. The team with the most points wins when the competition is completed. Alternatively, this game may be played as Name That Song! (teams must write down the song’s name) or Finish the Lyrics (teams must finish the song’s lyrics).

14. Dance Battle

A dance battle is required for any list of party fun games! Everyone should form a circle around the designated ‘dance floor.’ Two guests enter the middle of the dance floor, competing against each other by performing their freestyle solo dance. The winner is chosen, and the next pair is introduced. The game continues until all teams have played, at which point the winners compete in a dance-off until there are only two dancers left in contention for the title of Dance Battle Winner!

15. Musical Simon Says

This is a game that can be played with any age group. One person is selected to be Simon. Simon then tells the group what to do, but only if they start their instructions with “Simon says”. 

If someone does an action without Simon saying so, they are out. For example, Simon might say, “Simon says put your hands on your head,” and everyone would put their hands on their heads. But if Simon said, “Put your hands on your head,” and someone put their hands down, they are out. The last person left in the game is the winner.

16. Music Trivia

Create your own Music Trivia Quiz Competition and invite friends and family to participate. Each team will require a notepad and a pencil to record their responses to the quiz questions. Determine the number of rounds and questions in each round before the party. Teams collaborate to answer a series of music trivia questions while recording their responses as they go. The winner is the group that answers the most questions correctly. The following are a number of kid-friendly music trivia questions.

17. Musical Noises

Collect a range of musical instruments, such as a harmonica, recorder, toy drum, tambourine, mini keyboard, or triangle, and show the group how to play them. Tell them what each one is called. Choose a musical instrument and hide behind a sofa with the children. Everyone receives a lollipop after all the kid’s noises have been recognized.

18. Strictly Come Dancing

Divide the children into four-person teams and have them create a little dance routine on their own. Start things off with a pair of sunglasses, feather boas, hats, and pretend microphones for them. To keep things from getting too sour, prizes may be awarded to the best dance group or the most creative dancer.

19. Themed Party Island

This is similar to musical chairs, with one exception: when the music stops, guests must stand on the “party island” in the center. At the end of the game, the player who remains on the island wins. To make an island, place a sheet of newspaper in the center. 

The youngster has to fold the newspaper in half and then half again until certain parts can no longer stand on the little piece of paper, at which point they are ‘out.’ These make excellent party favors or decorations for a Pirate-themed celebration.

20. Telephone Tune

Make two lines for your children and divide them into two teams. Hum a song to the first person in line, who should children pass it on to the next youngster. The winner is the first team that correctly passes and names the tune.

21. Lip Sync Battle

Split them into pairs or groups and let each kid choose his or her favorite song. They must then create an accompanying dance routine, singing along and creating creative dance moves or dramatic interpretations of the lyrics. Prizes may be given for the individuals who perform the best interpretive movements, most creative interpretations of the lyrics, and the most delicate dance sequence.

22. Share The Groove

Prepare some music and have your youngsters form a circle. Select someone to go first (birthday boy, the oldest girl, or the youngest sibling are all good deciding criteria) and let them perform one spectacular dance move. The following person must repeat their dance move, then add their own. The dance routine becomes more complicated as it goes around the circle, with each dancer becoming more skilled. If someone makes a mistake, they’re out. The winner is the final person who can execute all of the dances.

Music Party Decoration Ideas That’ll Get Your Guests Dancing

If you’re looking for some inspiration to help you decorate for your next music party, look no further! From streamers and balloons to disco balls and lights, we have everything you need to create a party atmosphere that your guests will love. So get ready to turn up the music and get the party started!

  • Cover a large piece of thick plywood with black felt to make a scene for your music party. Set up lighting with floor lamps and a drum set, microphone, and keyboard on the stage.
  • Hang disco balls from the ceiling and blank CDs and records.
  • Hang a banner on your home that reads “Concert Tonight – Sold Out!”
  • Around the room, hang bins filled with musical instruments. Remove toys and other non-party items from the party area.
  • Old framed record album covers may be used to decorate the party room walls.


How to Keep the Kids Engaged with Music: Fun Activities and Professional Tips

Now we will discuss some of our favorite musical games and activities that are sure to keep the kiddos engaged. We’ll also offer some tips from a professional on how to make these activities even more fun for everyone involved.

  • You may change your old favorite musical activities to match your concept. For example, for a princess party, pretend that when the music stops, the nasty stepmother transforms them into ice sculptures!
  • Musical games frequently result in all the children being ‘out’ on a one-at-a-time basis, therefore keeping the game moving. Please make sure they get something for participating and offer them a voice in the rest of the competition as a judge!
  • Please don’t make them do things they don’t want to! Some children dislike being singled out or competitive. Make sure there are a few books or games within reach.
  • In conclusion to the above, if one of the other party guests cannot physically participate, have them join as a judge!
  • Have several minor prizes for the winners and the funniest dancer, most great dancer, loudest singer, and so forth. This ensures that everyone feels like they have a chance.
  • To avoid arguments, establish the rules before the game starts!
  • Choose music with a fast beat for the quicker games such as musical chairs, musical statues, and disco to keep things interesting!
  • Do you have no party game ideas or awards to choose from? Sweets are a fantastic alternative! Plus, you may utilize any leftovers for the party venue bags!
  • You may find almost any sort of children’s disco/party play music on YouTube and Spotify. It is far less expensive and quicker than purchasing a CD!