How to Plan a Kids Birthday Party

The first thing that is on the list is the 3P rule: Place, People, and Price. Let’s explain these separately, your location being the ‘’place’’ where you’re going to be having this event,  it is the guest list that you’re planning, people that are coming, who is going to be invited, or working on the budget, which is the price that you have set aside for your event. 

There are a lot of different party planning lists, and they’ll have one of those items, usually as the first thing on the list. That varies depending on you and your events, whether one of those is the priority. If you have a specific location that you’re working with. If you are looking to work within a certain budget, you may be limited on what locations are within your budget, which may determine the number of guests that you can have or if you are dead set to have this many guests and your guest list cannot be changed, then you may have to go ahead and coordinate your budget and your location accordingly to support the guest list. 

Those first three things, the place, the people, and the price. These facts are the most important things to set up in the beginning and to see what is the most important for you and what works best for your needs, or what works best if you’re hosting this party with anyone else and what do they want to do. Something good to think about when planning the guest list would also be who to invite especially if you’re having this party for someone else. You should think about who they would want to have at the party. If it’s a big party and you’re inviting everybody they know, go for it. If it is a smaller, more intimate party, you may want to be careful; If there are people that maybe they haven’t seen in years or something like that, and you’re just not sure if they would want them there then try to stick with people you think the guest of honor would enjoy having at their party and would be happy to see and not anything that’s going to create any sort of tension or awkwardness. 

Magical Teamwork

Entertainment: Face Painting and Balloon Twisting

The two type of entertainment could be fun when you do it together. A balloon artist is always fun to watch. But still, kids may enjoy the face painting a little more than balloons. So the best way to entertain them with balloon making while they are waiting to get their face painted. Since we offer face painting and balloon twisting in New Jersey, you can feel free to contact us and ask for availability.

Kids Party Locations 

Do you try to have this indoors? Do you have it outdoors? That is kind of dependent on the weather. Here’s a tip; If you can eliminate a variable, then go ahead and try to do that. Also, while you are thinking about the place you can draw out a layout of the location. It always helps to give yourself an idea of where things would go. You can figure out the position of the cake, the food buffet, whether you are having a guest book or a gift table, you can rearrange and draw out how you’d like the setup. That will give you time. If you do that early, you are able to change things as you go then when you figure out where you’re going to be having this event and you’ve set a date, you can go ahead and create and send out your invitations. Also, you can add a couple more people at the end as long as you get your main number of people set in advance. And the sooner you can do that, the easier it’s going to be for you to plan the event. The size of the event, the food, catering, tables, chairs, or even just for yourself, if you’re going to be baking all the food, you might want to know how many people you’re actually expecting that day so that you can plan your shopping list, your recipe menus and stuff like that. 

You’ll also need to figure out who all of your vendors will be for anything that you’re going to need. Whether you’re borrowing or renting tables, chairs, tents, if this is something that you need to order or if you’re working with a company. When it comes to food, a little suggestion is that 40 to 50 people is probably the limit to what you can prepare food for unless this is something where you have everyone bringing food. 

Another detail is if you’re going to have music, who’s doing music? If it’s a wedding, sometimes people have a live band. Maybe it’s a kid’s party, but you want to have a playlist, so create your own playlist. That was something in advance to work on to try to put together a playlist on there, give yourself time to do things like that. Again, whether it’s tables, chairs,  seating, tents, food, desserts, figuring out where all of that’s coming from even if you don’t have all the final details on the exact quantity of food anyway if you know some things that you’ll need and you can just at least reserve the day. If you are ordering you can always call back and update any changes that you need to make as you get your final headcount in. The big details to take care of next.

Number four is your small details. For small details, these are things like a guestbook, maybe any Memorial pieces or if this is a baby’s first birthday, you may want to have pictures. Sometimes people do like every week or every month, or something like that over the first year or for a wedding, you might have a guestbook for people to sign or you might have engagement photos of the couple, maybe pictures of them when they were children, or perhaps have grandparents, great grandparents or loved ones who are not here anymore, they might want to have pictures or memorial pieces like that to have at the event somewhere as well. So, begin to think about those smaller details and start lining up what you need for that. 

Also, you have favors to think about if that’s something you want to do. And if you want to do centerpieces, or any backdrop pieces decor, a lot of people like to do photo booths. Some people like to do photo booths, If you’re going to do a photo booth. If you have booked that ahead, that might be one of your big details to just book the company that you’re going to go with. But if it’s something you’re doing yourself, if you put it in the small details and just think about what you’d want to do. 

Are you making any backdrop to hang up or maybe you just want to go on Amazon and order some cute little props that guests can use in their photos, something simple like that, but just have that on your list. Some people like to do photo booths. This is something that you can book with a company, which would be part of your big details, but if it’s something you’re going to do yourself then it’s a part of your little details and you will need to think about what you want to do. Do you want to make a backdrop to hang up or do you just want to go on Amazon and order some cute little props that guests can use in their photos, or something simple like that? This is something to have on our list.

Centerpieces are another thing to consider. If you’re doing any sort of food buffet, dessert table, or anything like that, centerpieces to go on these tables are something to think about as well. That’s basically the point is just putting your idea on paper and maybe for you, that just means writing it down without actually drawing the table notes of where you want, what things to go or be, that’s going to help you to remember what you were thinking or planning to do. Here’s a suggestion if you’re planning to order something online; doing is to go through your company, whoever you’re looking to order something online, a smaller company, or somebody who’s doing any custom work for you. 

Maybe you’re shopping on Etsy from one of the shops on there, some of those things can take quite a while to get in, doesn’t matter just go add one thing to the cart or whatever and then go ahead and go on their order page and just see like about how long their shipping estimates are before you go through all the time to shop the entire website and try to put together all the things that you want to get from there for your party. For example, if you are shopping on Etsy, some of the shops can take quite a while to get to you. You should add a random item that you might want to your cart to see how long their shipping is estimated to be before you go through their entire shop to put things together for your part.

Sometimes you can get into some trouble with your plans and the party may feel that it might become a disaster, but don’t forget that the thing that you think is a disaster may still work out in an even better way. For example, finding out that your dessert table decor and table covers aren’t coming in, and your runners are backordered until past the date of the party, can be a ton of stress, but it’s something that can be easily fixed. If you know you need to find photos even before you’ve set the event in stone earlier in the year, keep an eye out for things like that if you’re thinking you’re going to be needing photos of people for this event. You can order a photo book and put these photos, leaving a space for the guests to sign. 

One of the most important parts of party planning is the food. If you’re going to be making all the food yourself, you want to have a list. You can keep a shopping list on your phone or notebook, and you can update it or change it as you plan for the event because you will adjust the menu for what things you want to buy for appetizers or what ingredients you want. 

Prepare the Food

Also, you can set up a time schedule to prepare the food and other things for like, one, two, or three days the party. So, you can make sure you have everything ready for the part. Like if there are some things that can be made two or three days ahead, or if it’s just maybe some cleaning or setup that you then you can have everything ready in advance. Also, depending on what you’re giving out, you might be able to assemble your favors maybe even a week ahead.

Another tip is about desserts. There are certain desserts that do well, one or two days later they are as good or sometimes better after they’ve been in the fridge for a day and so there’s no issue at all to make them in advance. There are some things you assemble in advance and there are some things you don’t assemble early. Like if you have a custard with fruit, that’s something that is going to get soggy in several hours. As for things that have like pudding trifles or if you like the idea of little mini desserts, you can make them in little mini-sized cups.

You can also do little cheesecake versions as the no-bake cheesecake fits really well because even if they’re a little bit liquidy, they’re totally fine because they don’t have to be like hard solid cheesecake, they can be more of like a cheesecake mousse, and they fit really well in the cup and they’re tasty. We like a mocha brownie trifle, which is basically like brownies crumbled in the mini cups and layered with chocolate pudding, a little bit of espresso powder mixed, and some cool web. Everyone usually loves that. 

You could also do the opposite version and do a light one if you don’t like the dark chocolate and coffee flavors. You can also do one that just has angel food cake or pound cake; You could layer that with some vanilla pudding, or banana pudding, or even vanilla pudding and put in berries, strawberries, blueberries, anything like that. But anyway, you can mix things up like that, trifles, and puddings, and stuff like that do well in little mini cups. For the most part, they will still be good a day or two later. 

Lastly, what you can do more with trying to balance your time and money and effort is just try coordinating. Have a balance between having someone bring something, what you are making, what you’re buying in a grocery store, or what you’re ordering in a bakery and things like that. If you’re making cookies, you can make them a couple of weeks ahead and have them in the freezer, then bake them when it’s closer to the event, and that’s something you can cross off your list and already have done. Because you don’t want to have too many things that you have to do the day of your event, and planning ahead for things like that will make the event go smoothly.

Also, there is always something to clarify. For example, make sure that you always clarify with whoever’s going to pick up stuff if you have anybody picking it up for you. Sometimes there can be minor disappointments like, that you wouldn’t be what you were expecting. Don’t forget that it’s just one of those little things that, if you want something done a certain way, you really want to make sure that you emphasize that to whoever’s picking up the stuff to make sure that it looks like that, or to the bakery or the restaurant, vendor, whoever’s doing the things and helping you coordinate your event, make sure that you really emphasize those details if it’s something that’s important to you.